New Ways to Do SEO in 2014

The biggest question that people related to web developing and SEO are asking is what is going to happen in 2014 in SEO, and what changes will be made. We can make our projection about SEO in 2014 by seeing what Google analysis and experts have to say. Also the updates that were made in 2013 related to SEO can guide us about its future.

Updates made in 2013

The updates that were made in 2013 were the introduction of Penguin 2.0 (May 2013) and 2.1 (October 2013).The Penguin brought changes to the algorithm were to fight out spam links and dish out the people that were breaking the rules. But the biggest and most significant changes that made Google made was the introduction of hummingbird. It completely changed the way web developer with SEO knowledge look at their content, keyword and SEO strategies.

New strategies in 2014
web developer with SEO knowledge
Focus on content:

The updates made in 2013 gave clear idea to the people that, if sites want to improve their ranking and searching they must attract content driven traffic rather than emphasizing on other means. The web developers with SEO knowledge are now emphasizing to make websites for their clients that are attracted to the people who are coming to the websites for content. Similar the SEO dealing firms are also pushing their clients to make their websites that contain quality-content.

People are also asking about the keywords used within the SEO. Google analytic is now more providing its selected keywords to webmaster. Instead you are given the opportunity that you decide on your own depending upon your data which keywords will become more helpful in searching your content on the search engine. However, the use of keywords is not that high in priority as the quality content. A quality-content is the biggest key in getting successful SEO in 2014.

Responsive designed website:

The latest report from Microsoft has told that the number of mobile user accessing the internet will surpass the number of desktop users. This thinks clearly gives an idea that your site must be mobile friendly i.e. its presence on the internet is mandatory. So, the web developer with SEO knowledge has an extra advantage over the others to mould their websites for mobile users as well.

The web pages that can be displayed on mobile phones can be optimized in two ways either you can make a web page that can provide only few selected aspects of the original page. The second way is to make a responsive web page that can be used to access each and thing of the original web page. Regardless of what type of site you have, it is mandatory that you ensure it is prepared for mobile users.

SEO game changes frequently:

It is impossible to predict what will happen next. But with the updates available you can predict and make stratigies. To have a good SEO for your web pages you must optimize your website for mobile users; provide quality and informative content to the users. The important thing is to get up to date with the Google guidelines.

6 Reasons why you should Try Social Media Marketing

In the 21st century, social media was grown in leaps and bounds, especially with the help of platforms like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc. Social networking nowadays has been executed by the experts on several levels. There are sites specifically designed for social networking with dedicated pages for different aspects. Then there are blogs, where people get to voice their opinion or pen down their thoughts in their own way. Then there are micro blogging sites, where one has to post their statement within a certain word limit. Then there are sites specifically for videos, photos or art etc.

Marketing has slowly but surely adapted to this tech-savvy generation, with businesses opening stores online and advertisers also venturing online. The internet is a powerful marketing tool, if you know how to use it properly. Advertising and marketing over the internet can be of great profit. The social networking sites offer an even larger chance of getting your product to the customer.

Why You Should Try Social Media Marketing?

  1. Social media is constantly updated. There are millions of people updating it with fresh news feeds every second. You can reach out as well as be on top of things by knowing happenings in the world at every moment. You can keep an eye on the goings on affairs and execute the marketing accordingly. Being aware about the recent happenings in the industries will help you to connect with the user.
  2. You can even connect and interact with your buyers or the visitors on your page. In this way, online marketing has immense potential that has not yet been fully exploited. Talking with the user and giving importance to their opinion will go a long way in taking your company further.
  3. You can form a network with experts in your field, and enlist their help, incorporate their contribution to help your case. Recommendations by experts will make sure that your product gets noticed.
  4. Use the marvel that is the internet. You can build your reputation simply by marketing your product properly online. Most of the people check their accounts regularly and simply by constant exposure, you can market your product remarkably. It is a known fact that advertising and marketing is greatly dependent on exposure. Make sure you advertise on the popular social media websites, take care so that your advertisement is always being viewed by users and you shall require little more.
  5. Publish your prowess, your product’s usefulness, etc. online. Post reviews or recommendations of your product on popular websites, make sure that these pages are linked on social media sites. You shall get heavy traffic on your page by exploring the power of the internet.
  6. You want to show your buyers that you are the best in the business. The best way to do so would be to exert your superiority on social networking sites. Offer help, tips, service, etc. to people. Make sure that your audiences know that you know your job and you know it well, and you will have marketed your product well.

Any business that doesn’t have a social media presence is leaving out a lot of leads. A solid social media campaign can largely contribute towards forming a positive business image in your niche. Conduct your research well, ask for referrals when choosing social media marketing services for yourself. Don’t forget to check the packages offered by the companies and ask questions if you have any doubt. Once you are sure about the social media strategies that the company will implement for your brand, you can go ahead and start working with them.

5 Seo techniques

1)      Keywords – when you make a website it has to be about something a product or a service, so you would need to build on the keywords are the key for ranking up higher on Google. Some of the best place you could add the keywords are in the page titles, you’re heading tags, and your body content.

2)      Social networking – many of you think adding you thing adding your website is just like spamming and feel like just another one to the list but social networking actually do help with ranking on Google,  this will also give you some external links from the site and help you gain more visitors reading you post. In my opinion you should spend around 20 min on your social networking site updating or posting something.

3)      Get Google Analytics – if you do not know about this feature the Google offers then you are missing out. The plug-in help you identify where you visitors car coming from how many your getting and much more. This is perfect if you’re looking to find out how when where and who is coming to you website.

4)      Press release – one thing you guys might not know about is PRweb where you can promote you website and could get a lot of leads for it, most big companies have already done PRweb but do not share their ideas but describe what their about.

5)      Link building – this could be one of the most important for your business to get higher in Google Search engine, the more you have the better. In recent Google updates it been much better due to website getting taken don who have spammy back links.

SEO in UK worth over three-quarters of a billion dollars in 2011

The SEO market in the UK is continuing to grow rapidly, according to research by Econsultancy who estimate the SEO industry in the UK now brings in more than three-quarters of a billion dollars each year.

The value of the SEO market rose 18% in 2011 to reach $821 million, up from $697 million a year earlier, and $601 million in 2009, according to Econsultancy. That includes agency fees to revise and improve natural and paid SEO, SEO PR, social media optimization for search and SEO staffing investments.

Google’s reign continues in the UK with over 90% of search queries conducted on the search engine which means that any changes made have “significant impact to existing SEO efforts”.

“The boundaries of SEO as a digital discipline are blurring. As businesses focus on end goals, the technical distinctions between different digital disciplines become less relevant, with SEO techniques permeating (and being permeated by) other areas of digital marketing,” says Econsultancy in a press release.

New Google video looks at the common SEO mistakes

Google has uploaded a new video to its YouTube channel describing five of the most common search engine optimisation mistakes – and six ‘good ideas’ to help internet marketers get results.
The first mistake is to begin to optimise your business’ website without first establishing your USPs (unique selling points). Apart from the simple reason that conversion matters – appearing in search engine results pages (SERPs) does not mean that people will buy into your product – this could also be tied to Google’s recent innovations in social search, as effectively-communicated USPs may encourage users to share your page with others.
The second mistake is to carry out your SEO separately from your other marketing activities. By tying offline marketing into online marketing, key phrases and slogans that users have searched for after seeing them on ‘real world’ adverts should begin to rank well in SERPs.
The third mistake is related to pagination – companies must use the latest standards to help search engines index their pages rather than using canonical tags, or fail to use code at all.
Ohye’s fourth tip is to avoid getting caught in ‘trends’. She uses the example of the way in which search engines and websites were once focused on attracting users, whereas now the focus has shifted towards achieving good rankings. As she points out, a good ranking does not necessarily mean good traffic.
The fifth and final SEO pitfall is, conversely, to fail to respond quickly to changes in search engines and within your industry. This includes simple matters like regular website updates, but also being able to quickly implement changes recommended by marketing and SEO teams when, for example, Google updates its algorithm.

5 Reasons to look at SEO School

If you want to learn more about SEO then I strongly recommend using the SEO school guide which has been provided by SEO Specialists. It is one of the best guides out there on the internet and here’s 5 reasons why to have a look:

1. Teach yourself how to get ranked top ten on Google.

2. Get a better understanding why backlinks are so important.

3. It helps prevent you from making mistakes that you generally make if you didn’t have an advanced understanding of SEO

4. The information is very reliable and has been produced by someone who has been working in the sector of SEO for a long time.

5.It is very detailed, there’s not much you would miss it has every last bit of information that you need and has been explained to a level where it could turn you into an SEO expert

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