5 Seo techniques

1)      Keywords – when you make a website it has to be about something a product or a service, so you would need to build on the keywords are the key for ranking up higher on Google. Some of the best place you could add the keywords are in the page titles, you’re heading tags, and your body content.

2)      Social networking – many of you think adding you thing adding your website is just like spamming and feel like just another one to the list but social networking actually do help with ranking on Google,  this will also give you some external links from the site and help you gain more visitors reading you post. In my opinion you should spend around 20 min on your social networking site updating or posting something.

3)      Get Google Analytics – if you do not know about this feature the Google offers then you are missing out. The plug-in help you identify where you visitors car coming from how many your getting and much more. This is perfect if you’re looking to find out how when where and who is coming to you website.

4)      Press release – one thing you guys might not know about is PRweb where you can promote you website and could get a lot of leads for it, most big companies have already done PRweb but do not share their ideas but describe what their about.

5)      Link building – this could be one of the most important for your business to get higher in Google Search engine, the more you have the better. In recent Google updates it been much better due to website getting taken don who have spammy back links.

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